• Room hire includes:
    • Two bar staff who will: stock fridges, serve your guests, clean glasses and dishes
    • After-event cleaning fee
  • Room hire costs; all with minimum $500 bar spend.
    • Members of Ingle Farm Amateur Soccer Club – $350
    • Non-members – $450
    • Committee members – $100, with $300 cash bond
  • A $400 cash bond must be paid prior to the function. Upon inspection the same night / following day & if there is no damage to the club, the bond will be returned in full or subtracted from final bill,. The hirer remains completely responsible and accountable for any damage during their function.
  • There is a minimum spend over the bar of $500 for any events. If your guests do not spend this amount during the function then the difference will be taken from the bond money to make up the difference.
    • i.e.: if only $400 is spent over the bar then you will have to pay an extra $100 to get over the minimum spend threshold.
  • Cleaning fee is included in room hire price, however please leave the room tidy, without excessive mess. We will clean the main room, bar, collect the empty rubbish, clean toilets, mop floors and vacuum all rooms.

Drinks Prices:

  • As follows:
    • Bottled Water $2.00
    • Soft Drinks $2.50 (Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Lift, Sunkist, Fanta, Solo, Lemonade)
    • House Wine $5.50 (Red or White)
    • Champagne $4.00 (House Champagne)
    • Light Beer $5.50 (Cascade Premium Light)
    • Cider $6.00 (Mercury, Somersby – Apple & Pear)
    • Beer $6.00 (Hahn Superdry, Coopers Pale Ale, Coopers Session Ale, Carlton Draught, West End Draught, Heineken, Corona, Boags)
    • Import Beer $7.00 (Guiness, Kilkenny)
    • Mix and Spirits $6.50 (Scotch, Bourbon, Brandy, Vodka, Jack Daniels, Sourthern Comfort, Kraken Rum)
    • Spirit Cans $8.0 (Jim Beam, Jim Beam Zero, Johnnie Walker Scotch, Jack Daniels, CC and Cola)

Drinks Package Payment Options:

  • Subsidized drinks can be pre-arranged.
    • i.e. you can have your guests pay $2 for beers and $3 for spirits etc– and we will bill you the outstanding amount at the end of the night.
    • In regards to the $500 minimum bar spend, that is on the full drinks price, not on the subsidisation price. An example: wine costs $5.50 glass – you can charge your guests $2, you will be charged $3.50, but the full $5.50 will be subtracted from the $500 minimum bar spend.
  • No drinks package, your guests pay full price, see above price list.
  • Pay for all drinks on the night:
    • By pre-paying a set amount – i.e. put $1000 over the bar, or
    • Get billed at the end – we will simply invoice you at the end of the evening, to be paid in full, that evening.


  • Our standard liquor license ends at:
    • 12am on Monday to Friday nights
    • 1am Saturday nights
    • 10pm Sunday nights
    • People cannot socialize outside under the verandah after 11pm on any night.
  • A disc jockey is available if you would require – he charges a cheap rate of $50 per hour.